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High Carbon Hard Drawn Spring Wire to JIS G3521: SW-A, SW-B, SW-C

Widely used for general springs. Zn coated and Ni coated are also popular.


Piano Wire for Spring to JIS G3522: SWP-A, SWP-B

This grade is controlled more severely than High Carbon Steel wire, therefore, it can be recognized as higher grade of High Carbon steel.


Piano Wire for Fine Spring: SWP-H, SWP-U, SWP-EX

The smallest size is 0.010mm dia.


Plated/Coated Piano Wire for Spring: Zinc Coated, Copper Coated, Nickel Coated, Tin coated and so on.

Plating or Coating are for Anti-Corrosion, Electric Conductivity, Appearance, etc.


Oil Tempered Wire for Mechanical Springs : SWOSC-B

JIS G3560 Quenched and Tempered steel. Chromium Silicon steel is popular for its high strength.


Oil Tempered Steel Wire for Valve Springs: SWOSC-V and SWOSC-V special grade

JIS G3561 Quenched and Tempered steel. Severer quality control for this grade.


Stainless Steel Spring Wire : SUS304, 302, 316, 631J1

JIS G4314 (Available with Ni-coat, No-coat and Resin-coat)


High Strength Stainless Steel Wire for Springs: 301H, Cryo-S, Super Dolce and EX-SUS

Higher Tensile Strength than SUS304.



Straightened and Cut Wire: Piano Wire, SUS304 and so on.

PTFE coating can be arranged.


Stainless Steel Bar: SUS303, SUS303Cu, SUS304, SUS420J2, SUS420F, SUS440

JIS G4303 Stainless steel bars


Shaped / Deformed Wire / Bar: Square, Rectangular, Triangular, Hexagonal, Half Round Ellipsoidal and so on



Semi-Seamless / Seamless Pipe 304, 316, 316L, and so on



Cold Rolled Special Steel Strip : SK4, SK5, SK6,

JIS G4802 Annealed, Cold drawn, Quenched or Bainite is available.


Stainless Steel Strip : SUS 301, 304, 316, 316L, 420J2, 631

JIS G4313



Titanium Wire and Titanium Alloy wire

JIS H4600 Titanium and Titanium alloys - Sheets, plates and strips
JIS H4650 Titanium and Titanium alloys- Rods and bars
JIS H4670 Titanium and Titanium alloys - Wires
NiTi, Nitinol, SMA or SEA


High Nickel Alloy wire : Inconel 718, 750, Hastelloy C276


Aluminum / Aluminum alloy Wire

JIS H4000 Aluminum and Aluminum alloy sheets, strips and plates
JIS H4040 Aluminum and Aluminum alloy rods, bars and wires


Copper / Copper Alloy wire

JIS H3100 Copper and Copper alloy sheets, plates and strips
JIS H3110 Phosphor Bronze and Nickel Silver sheets, plates and strips
JIS H3130 Copper Beryllium alloy, Copper Titanium alloy, Phosphor Bronze,
Copper-Nickel-tin alloy and Nickel Silver sheets, plates and strips for springs
JIS H3250 Copper and Copper alloy rods and bars
JIS H3260 Copper and Copper alloys wires
JIS H3270 Copper Beryllium alloy, Phosphor Bronze and Nickel Silver rods, bars, and wires


Tungsten Wire




Coating type: Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, Zn and so on


Material: Piano wire, Stainless steel, BeCu and so on

We are committed to serve every customer to the highest degree of satisfaction. We are most specialized in every kind of High Quality Wire, Bars, Strips, Seamless Tubing and so on. Whenever you need high quality material, we believe our company is able to meet customer's severe requirements.
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