Company Profile

Since our start in 1951 as a trading company specialized in spring wire and machinery for Spring industry, we have been expanding to serve
diversified special materials for Automotive, Electronics, Medical and other new industries.

We always try our best to keep moving forward, by committing ourselves to customers to the highest degree of satisfaction, with the following 3
essential principles in mind:

1. Speed is Power.

2. Simplicity is Beautiful.

3. Performance is all that matters.

Enterprise Contents

  • Wire Dept

    All kinds of Spring Wire and Strip such as Piano Wire, Stainless Wire, Hard Drawn Steel Wire, Oil Tempered Wire, Specialty Steel Strip, Shaped Wire and so on.

  • Machine and High Specialty Alloy Dept

    Spring manufacturing machine, Forming machine, Tempering Oven, Inspection Equipment as well as various kinds of High Alloy and Specialty Metal.

  • Electronic Products Dept

    Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits for Printed Circuit Board and CNC Drilling Machine & Routing Machine for PCB, and other related Machine & Equipment.

  • Computer System Dept

    Development and marketing of CAE, CAD, CAM, CAT system for PCB.
    CAD data input for various designs and drawings.

  • Overseas Trade Dept

    Export and Import of various products & materials and Consultancy of International Trade.

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